Ain't True

In the darkness
Bring me love
In the nighttime
Bring me love

There's no one
I would run from
Ain't that true

In the daytime
Bring me fear
If theres lighting
Bring it near


In the ocean
Take me deep
In the desert
Bring the heat


In the mountains
Bring me cold
Let the fountains
Turn to stone


In the winter 
Bring me snow
Tell the harshest
Winds to blow

Cm			     Gm	
And if you hear the sound of whispered shame
Cm			    Gm      
Hide your face you'd better pray for rain
F			     Gm
For you to you me that is the mark of Cain

Beau's Song

C               F               
Sweet joy but two days old
Em              Dm            C
Sweet joy we smile all the while

Am      G
Born into this world
F            G
So young and tender
Am       G               F
Sleeping near the oceans roar
Here where the sun shines
Even in the winter
Here where all your dreams come true

When I look into 
Your mother's eyes
Or when I see your father laugh
I know there's nothing 
That can't be done
For one who is so young

Last night you mother
Was dancing with you
While the moon shone on the waves
A ceremony 
Or celebration
For someone new in the world

Been There

Dm7 Em7
I met you long ago                                       
Though you've never met me
Its not some where I wish
Someone would ever have to be

But I think you've been there
Been there yourself

I've read so much about you
Your words they fill my head
Though I've caught myself wishing
You said something else instead

But I think I've been there
Been there myself

I read your poetry
The night turns round the stars
Will we hear them years from now
Will they ever go that far

Well there's love, music and laughter
And the look in a baby's eyes
When he's staring into infinity
And suddenly its you who wants to cry

Have you ever been there
Been there yourself?

Now every man must do his work
Until the day is done
But some work for the night time
And some work for the sun

There's honest men, there's broken men
Men who hold their head so high
Men who find some answers
Men who search until they die

I wonder have you been there
Been there yourself?

So now there's new light dawning
Somewhere in this world
And the spoken word will fill the head
Of some little boy or girl

But I think you'be been there
Been there yourself.

Music is our mistress
She's dressed in blue and gold
A servant of the Lord above
A virgin though she's been bought and sold


Well its the end of summer here in California
And I'm sitting alone in my room
I got some time on my hands
Its been so long since I could do what I want to do

Seems like there's some many questions and so many options
And nothing that I want to choose
All the trinkets and baubles and fast city squables
Seem like so much confetti to me

So don't talk that way I don't want to hear 
That you have some place that I ought to see

D                               G
But if you want to go walking
D                                  G
Down where the ocean, meets the sand
Come take my hand
And I'll lead
Where the waves pour down
G                 Am7 
From the sea

Well its Minnosata and California
Arizona and New Mexico
There's states in the union and foreign countries
And places that I don't want to see

Could be Better

G                            { Might be better in A - F#m - D - E - A }
Come in out of the wind
Sit down by my side
Drink this, its warm
D                  G
Come watch the risen tide

I've been searching the sky
Looking for hope
Seen the wind in the trees
On this sunlit slope

C               D               Em
Don't you feel it in the wind tonight
Don't you feel it in your heart
Between the shadows and the broken glass
This feeling we are home at last

There's too many people
Here on the earth
Too much pressure 
And too little of worth

Who would hope for more
From this sunlight sky
Where the ocean roars
We live under its eye

Across the valley you've seen it
Like the sun on a green land
It lights our world
It helps form our plans

We still believe in justice
Not just some fairy tale
That's drowned in the words
Grown twisted and stale

We don't believe in money
Who would be such a fool
The waves not the wind
Nor the building the school

You can take this love
Collected a pool
Dip your hands into it
It holds up the world

You can have this faith
If you believe in it
It runs from the mountains
And fills up the world

Don't Let Them

C Dm Em F C

Though they say that we won't
Try this and they say don't
They'll take just what they want
From even the meek and the gaunt
Even the sleep that they haunt

Caught in the ruins of some life
All those words of advice
Telling you where to go
The difference is they don't know

Em Dm Em Dm F C
What's inside of you
What you really want to do 
Your chance to get it right
Before the dark of night
Always keep the goal in sight

They say the word control
Try to fit in our mold
Why don't you join in the fold
Then only want your soul

If freedom's just a word
The strangest thing you've ever heard
Poised on the edge of the absurd
It's just the ebb and the surge


The only home we'll ever know
Buried deep down in the soul
A place you can never show
The pull of tide and the flow

All those who die too young
Jailed for life or even hung
Starving in the empty field
When life becomes too real



DMaj7                                           Em
We'll sit on those rough rocks overlooking the sea
Dmaj7	                                         Em
Share a few laughs about friends that we used to see
Fmaj7                               Cmaj7
The way their lives turned forward and back
Fmaj7                       Cmaj7
And the moon on the waves is the eye of a cat

Dm7                                       Em                   Am
Hush now, you can tell me what makes you so sad
Dm7                                       Em                   Am
Speak of your loves and the laughs that you've had
Fmaj7                           Em
I can see my face in the water
Fmaj7                      Cmaj7
Like feeling the wind blow its arms around me.

Am               Fmaj7          Am               Fmaj7
Some of our friends go back down the years
Am          Fmaj7   Am         Fmaj7    Am   Fmaj7   Am
And our memories are still fresh with their tears

You can start speaking in that old familiar way
Tell who you loved years ago and who you still love today
But now your child lays his head on your heart
Like God turns the wind on sand into art

Hearing him talk sent a chill down my spine
Words that spill from your lips just like wine
Words from so long ago spoken in rhyme
Is he one to weave thoughts into line?


We sit and talk of lovers we knew so long ago
Here by the fire in Big Sur thinking we used to know
The touch of fingers that wove such a charm
Even the flowers bowed their heads in alarm

I hear she's married now to some businessman
Watching TV at night with the lights turned up bright
I remember riding a bus through the snow
One last kiss before she let me go


Passing the time with an old friend, talking in Little Italy
We use to get high in the movies play guitars well past three
Talking on the phone to my sister who fell
Who finally dissolved like the tears of an angel

Maybe you could write her up in your poetry
If not I'll sing songs till the pain goes away
Can't you bring her back from the sea
Where women go when they must hide from me


What some try to steal with a kiss
We'll do just by talking like this
Why don't we walk on the sand by the sea
Let the winds blow an angel's song to me

There's so much we have learned, we both have a new ettiquete
But still I wouldn't change a word, not one since we met
Let the Deva's light candles in the wind
I still don't want to make my amends


Looking back through the blue haze, through the shadow of the years
We've dressed up like saints but still shed the same tears
And your friend that night down in Carmel
Her milky white fears wanted your arms around her

So you're so tough so you're so small in my arms
We both feel too much is that why we both feel so disarmed?
My love wakes me with a kiss in the dawn
Her fingers beats like the heart of a fawn 


An Pacific ocean summer (on a sun soaked day) (with all those oriental trees)
Blue waves and hot springs and wishing you could stay
But you're flying home in the morning
Back to that troubled life that you lead

I've got my own problems and my own memories
I'd like to climb down the years to where we used to be
But instead we'll just have to stay
Fixed in place, on our islands of time

First written in Big Sur, California, mid 1990s

Lonely Gray Day

Lonely Gray Day 
Down by the sea shore
G                D      
Makes our love (lives) feel true
I don't know why 
The world rises 
Up anew

Take the long road
Down by the seaside
Barefoot ocean sand
Feel the cool breeze
Rolling onto 
The land

Every day like
Waterfall sunshine
Hear the time blow by
Feel the heart sing
Birds on the wing
Fly high

Every hour
The waves rhythmic power 
Our whole life to live
Sand through my fingers
Take what I have
To give

A path through the forest
Leads to the ocean
Ferns by the side of the trail
Hear the birds cry
As the winds 
Start to wail

Love is Blind

C                        Dm7
When I saw your face
G7                   C
After all these years
C                    Dm7
And I felt your heart
G7                    C 
Beating close to mine
C              Dm7
I knew for sure my dear
G               C
That love is blind

It knows no conscience 
and it has no fear
Won't spare the child
Won't spare the tears
It's like some bird
Climbing the sky

C         Am   
Love is Blind  
           Dm7       G
Love is blind    
Love is Blind

Now my lonesome heart
I gave to someone else
Though I still think how you
Said you would not stay
I guess sometimes my dear
It just turns out that way

If I could trade
My broken heart
For just one hour
In your wrestless arms
I would deal my love
I would deal

It sees not caution

C               Am  
You set me free
Am             F
You see me free
F                       G
Aftter all of these years
G               Am
You set me free

Now ain't it strange
Our hearts never found a way
To join together
For all our days
But sometimes my love
It just turns out that way

When I saw your face
Across from mine
I felt my heart
Running wild

For all my days
I'd never grow tired
Of a single word you say
Cause love is blind my dear
Love is blind

Margie's Song


Down here by the water side
Where the tide comes rushing in
Down here by the pylons 
Where the lonesome fishes swim
Down here by the riverside
Where we watch but don't jump in 
I'll be waiting for you darling
For a touch of summer sin

Cause I love you
Bring it home to me
You know I love you
My own darling Margie

And if I knew the way back home
You know I'd start right now
Down beside those dirt brown waters
Where the reeds molt in the sun
Where the wooden wharfs
And the blue clawed crabs
Sing a lonesome summer song
And the heats makes me so lazy
I'm dreaming all day long
Cause I love you

They can have all the money in this world
And the power in Washington
They can come down by the waterside
Just to tell me who has won
I've got no place in my lonesome heart 
For anyone but you
So let's go walking by the shore
And see what God can do

Down here where my love gets wet
And the waters nice and warm
Where the summer sun bakes the leaves to brown
And no one comes to harm
Where the laughing water
And the rippling tide
Draw ridges in the sand
Where the curlew calls the waves back home 
To her lover on the land
{Where the ever shifting clouds cast
Shadows on the land (Build Monet lilies in the sky)}
In the hot summer sun

Midge's Song

Am    Dm7
Meet the sun
G               Em
The mornings for you
Like a waning moon
Your born anew

C                           Dm
I can't believe your gone so soon
C                           Dm
All that we knew now lies in ruins
G                                  Em
Take my hand we'll drive the desert sands
Am                         Dm7
The endless vista of the road without plans
C                                   Am
Drive past the horizon and never turn around
Dm7                         G                   Am
Those chances we missed reborn on sacred ground

I remember when you were just a child
Your gentleness untamed and running wild
Playing ball in our suburban street
My friends shouting in the summer heat
Years go by you grow tall and proud
Your dark hair woven like a braided shroud

When I grew older you would take my hand
Open books and show me God's good plan
Sitting quietly in the evening sun
The caged birds spirit sung for everyone
When I was lonely you would cheer my heart
Giving me a home when I felt far apart


The child walking in rags
Walking in time with the sun
Fell in step with simple money
And slept as the moon runs

She fell in love with this
Fell in love with that
Lived too skinny or 
Lived too Fat

Bm      Em
A fool's steps are sworn
Am               D
To walk the thorny Way
D         Bm  
Swallowed by the darkness
Bm     Em
In the day

Moon Phazes

People stay up late 
because of the wind in the trees
People stay up late 
because they are on bended knees
C               D
People stay up late
Em               D
It must be their fate
C      G              D
Stay just the way you are tonight

Walking down the road 
Need to rest my weary head
Can't find no solace 
This brown stone city seems so dead
Empty winding streets
And ancient cobblestones
Stay just the way you are my love

Some folks find heart 
In the phases of the moon
Others are left alone
Because they found love too soon
People lose their hearts
Cause they couldn't wait

Some change their plans 
cause of a look in someone's eye
Others have to change 
cause of the look of the sky
Pleople always change
It just the human way

People won't love 
because of a change in plans
People won't love 
because of how a tree stands
People won't love
People don't rate

The ocean braids the waves
Another cold front moving in
The surf on the rocks
Sounds like an ancient battle hymn
Birds shriek in the wind
Above the seas eternal din
Stay just the way you are my love

Running Round

Dm7 CMaj7
Dm Em
Dm7 CMaj7

I was up all last night
And I felt the rain come down
Knew that I had to
Stop all this running round

And everyone I know is leaving
They can feel the seasons turn
So stay, stay, stay 
Stay with me love

My heart is like a river
Where the wild flowers bloom
Even the walls in this house
Ought to be painted blue

And I know the lord is with me
But I can find no level ground
So I say stay, stay, stay
Stay with me Lord

Last night I went out walking
To find someone I could trust
And I saw the moon rising
Over the mountain tops

And I heard the world spinning
In Gods strong but gentle hands (but loving arms)
And I say stay, stay, stay
Stay with me love

Songs of Love

Em7   D
Don't think
Em7       D
Trust the wind
Em7         D   G       Em7      
Their logic can never be your friend

Let the music melt your fears 
These songs of love

Hush now 
Don't say a word
Swing low, As graceful as a bird

Like music to my ears 

Turn now
Face the sea
The wind blows Salt tears to me

Like music to my ears these songs of love

Rest now
No need to rush
Take time waves Dance and thrust

Music to my ears these songs of love
Music to my ears

Don't try
Don't say a word
There's nothing new Nothing you haven't heard

Hold tight
Don't explain
Just float with The wind and rain

Music to my ears these words of love
Music to my ears there looks of love
Music to my ears these ways of love
Music to my ears these songs of love

Spark Song

The worlds full of trouble
Its something we know
So bring on the darkness
And bring on the snow
Take me where we're going
Down the dark streets
Where beggers must wander
In the rags of defeat

Now the words sweet and lonely
And the songs in the dark
That race with the wind
And are lit by a spark
Written in the dust
And blown with the wind
Across deserts of darkness
Where sands shift without end.

Dreams like cut crystal
That shatter on the floor
Like a broken image
Or a half open door
Leading through to the sunlight
That falls on the beach
Where the oceans roar
And rage at our feet

See the gulls in the air
On the currents they soar
Above the blue depths
And the wonders they store
Take me to that mystery
Let it read like a book
And instead of this darkness
I'll be free with one look

Free like the wind
Or the dream of some girl
Who we've half forgotten
Whose lost in the world
Weighed down with burdens
Exactly like mine
Our pleasures and our dances
Worn thin with the times

Why should we have longed
If we must be denied
All those things that I wanted
That I thought were once mine
Like an artists museum
Leveled by fire
Or a field full of graves
Riddled with desire

Desire for gold or
Desire for a ring
That would bind me to God
And erase forever the sting
Of torches that burn
In the dark underground
And the thunder that storms
With a deafening sound

Written in 1997

Copyright (c) Charlie Calvert