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Charlie Calvert on Elvenware

Welcome to Charlie's part of the Elvenware site. In Internet terms, this is an old, old site, with information dating back to the 1990s. Trying to impose order on the many layers of documents found here is not easy. Right now, the best way to get oriented is to go to the Site Overview page.


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Charlie Calvert

Charlie Calvert teaches programming at Bellevue College. He lives with his wife Margie in Bellevue, WA. He focuses his technical energies on web development, mobile development, LINQ and core C# language scenarios such as generics. He is the author of Essential Linq, Delphi 4 Unleashed, C++Builder 3 Unleashed, Delphi 2 Unleashed, Teach Yourself Windows 95 Programming in 21 Days, Delphi Unleashed, Teach Yourself Windows Programming, Turbo Pascal Programming 101 and a contributing author of CBuilder 4 Unleashed. He worked with his wife Margie to write JBuilder Unleashed and to create an interactive Java tutorial. He has been published in many different technical magazines. Charlie has spoken on technical subjects such as Delphi, C++ and Java at many major industry conferences, and in many smaller conferences from Europe, to Australia, to the Far East. Originally trained as an English major, Charlie worked as a journalist and college English teacher before turning to the world of computers. He has a BA in both Journalism and Computer Science from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington and has worked at Borland, Falafel Software and Microsoft.


Charlie's interests include bicycling, hiking, playing folk guitar, listening to jazz, and writing poetry and fiction. A considerable portion of his free time is dedicated to spiritual and meditative pursuits within the Christian and Buddhist traditions.

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