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Aptana or Web Tools Install

We can make Eclipse much more comfortable for web development by adding in the Aptana tools.

Choose Help | Install New Software. Press the Add button. Set:

Step through the wizard.


I suggest going with the Aptana Plugin, however, alternatively, you can do this:

Choose Help | Install New Software from the Eclipse menu. Select the following in the Work With drop down:

Scroll to the bottom to the Web, XML, Java EE and OSGi Enterprise Develpment section.

You can have both Aptana and the Web Developer Tools installed at the same time. However, it can be confusing. To uinstall the Web Developer Tools, choose Help | About | Installation Details and follow the wizard.

Explore the IDE

Let's take a moment to get familiar with the IDE.

Toolbar Icons

The Commands Menu

Create New Web Project

Make sure you can see the App Explorer and the Project Explorer. The App Explorer is on the Toolbar, you can reach Project Explorer by choosing the following from the menu:

 Here are the steps to create a new project

And nearly always add jQuery by putting on of these in your <head> element:

Run the Project

Aptana comes with a built in Web Server. To get that to work:


Figure 01: Choose a Template


Figure 02: Give your project a name.


Figure 03: Add a file your project.


Figure 04: Setting up the Run Configuration

Create a Static Web Project

Select the Next button and step through the wizard. It will take awhile, and you will be asked to restart the IDE at the end. But when you are done, you should be able to choose File | New | Static Web Project.

Using the Editor