Charlie Calvert on Elvenware

Writing Code and Prose on Computers


Table of Contents

Google IO

Map APIs

Location Fusion, which activity are you on?

Google Cloud Messeges GCM 17 Billion Messages Per Day Send to multiple devices at once Upstream Messaging Dismiss a message on one device, and it is dismissed on others

Google Plus Sign In

Google Play Game Services Cloud Save. So you save levels to the cloud and see on multiple devices Leaderboards and Achievements Cross platform gaming experiences Multiplayer: Deal with networking issues

Android Studio Based on IntelliJ

Staged Beta Rollouts and Google Analytics

You can filter on apps that are designed for tablets.

900 Million Android Users 750 Million Chrome

JavaScript V8 speed improved by 50 Percent on Mobile ASM.js 2.4 speed improvements in Chrome WEBP image format WEBM video format, VP9 is about 63 percent smaller

A toolkit for UI g-app. Across all platforms. Web Components Session

Racer is a game on Chrome.

Many schools use Google Apps. They want to bring Android and Chrome into Schools.

Android has Google Play for Education. Organized subject matter and grade level Go to Google Play and look under Education

Chromebook is good for Education No set up Over a 3,000 schools use Chromebook