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Gists and Snippets

Sometimes you don't want to create a big repository, but instead save a single file that you use often in different contects. This is what GitHub Gists and BitBucket Snippets are for.

Using curl

Both Snippets and Gists can be retrieved with tools such as wget or curl.

curl is a popular utility used to pull down HTTP content from the web. More specifically, it allows you to retrieve, or post, data to web servers. For instance, if you want to retrieve a web page, or, in our case, a snippet or gist, you can use curl.

curl is installed by default on most linux servers.

Bitbucket Snippets

Script for snippets on Bitbucket

#! /bin/bash

# This gets a specific snippet


# This gets information on me and my BitBuckSnippets

# This gets information on a specific snippet
# curl

Clone a snippet repository:

git clone

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