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A Simple PHP Script

One declares a file to contain PHP by giving it the extension: .php. When writing a PHP script, start by creating a normal HTML file. The script portion of the file begins with the following syntax:


You can mark the end of the embedded script by writing the following:


Everthing between these two bits of syntax can be pure PHP:

  <title>Sample PHP File</title>

  Print "<h1>Sonnet 79</h1>";"<p>Men call you fair, and you do credit it,</p>";
  Print "<p>For that yourself you daily such do see:</p>";
  Print "<p>But the true fair, that is the gentle wit</p>";
  Print "<p>And virtuous mind, is much more praised of me.</p>";
  Print "<p>For all the rest, however fair it be,</p>";
  Print "<p>Shall turn to naught and lose that glorious hue:</p>";
  Print "<p>But only that is permanent and free</p>";
  Print "<p>From frail corruption that doth flesh ensue,</p>";
  Print "<p>That is true beauty; that doth argue you</p>";
  Print "<p>To be divine and born of heavenly seed;</p>";
  Print "<p>Derived from that fair spirit, from whom all true</p>";
  Print "<p>And perfect beauty did at first proceed.</p>";
  Print "<p>He only fair, and what he fair hath made:</p>";
  Print "<p>All other fair, like flowers, untimely fade.</p>";
  Print "<p><em>Edmund Spenser</em></p>";


Where to Put the File

You should name the file something like MyFile.php, being sure to give the file an extension of php.

In Linux, you should save the file in /var/www or in another a valid folder that you can access with your browser. On Windows, if you save it in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\, that you should also be able to browse to it. For instance, to access the file in your browser, you might type something like:


If the file does not display properly, it sometimes helps to try to run your script from the command line. Open up a command window, and at the prompt, you can type something like this on Linux:

php MyFile.php

In Windows, it might look like this:

c:\php\php.exe MyFile.php

Look at the output and see if there is anything suspicious. You should also look for a file called something like php_errors.log. This file should be in the same folder as your script. The output in the log file can sometimes help you find out what has gone wrong.

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