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PyDev is an Eclipse add on for Python Developers. You can install it "side by side" with Java and Android in the same workspace. This means you can switch back and forth between Android development and Python development without closing the IDE.

Choose Help | Install New Software from the Eclipse IDE. Click the Add button. Enter a name, such as Python, and then paste in the appropriate URL. The URL to use to add the PyDev extensions to Eclipse is:

After entering the URL in the Eclipse dialog, click the OK button, and then the rest of the install should be relatively intuitive. To read more about the install, go the PyDev install site and scroll down a screen or two.

During or after the PyDev install, you will be asked to configure the system, as shown in Figure 01. The wizard should walk you through the process automatically, but if you need to get back to the dialog later, choose Window | Prefernces | PyDev | Interpreter - Python from the Eclipse menu.

Python Configuration in

Figure 01: Python Configuration in PyDev, click to enlarge.

Create a New Python Project in Eclipse

Assuming you have PyDev installed, the first thing you want to do is create a new Python Project.

It might help to watch the 3 minute video of how do create a new Python project in Eclipse:

A good way to get started with PyDev is to watch the video on the main screen of the PyDev site.



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