Mongoose Magic

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Watch the video:

View the updated Mongoose Slides:

Perform the actions demonstrated in the video.

See also the MongooseMtgSets assignment.


You can download AllSets.json from The simplest way to proceed is to use this command to get the file from the Linux command prompt:



Here are the two main projects:

Turn it in

In a folder called Week10-MongooseMagic, check in LEA.json and the JSON files for any two other MTG sets.

Include four screen shots when you submit the assignments. Attach the screenshots to the assignment itself in either PNG or JPG format.

The screen shots:


One thing to be careful about. Recently I set up a .gitignore file in the JsObject's project folder with the following in it:


My goal was to be sure I did not check in any of the JSON files generated by the program. However, I want you to check in three of them as part of the assignment. As a result, you should probably either delete or modify the .gitignore file if you have copied it into the folder you want to submit as part of the assignment.

Let me state that again slightly differently. If you have copied the entirety of my MongoooseMagic project into your Week10-MongooseMagic folder, then be careful about the contents of the .gitignore file I recently added to my project. The problem is that it may prevent you from checking in some of the files I require as part of this assignment.

There is a syntax that lets you tell .gitignore to make exceptions for specific files:

Since I wrote the above, and after studying the docs for gitignore, I have modified my .gitignore to look like this:


This says that git should ignore all files with a .json extension except for package.json. You can modify .gitignore and use this same syntax to allow you to check in certain files required for this assignment. For instance here is how to tell git to let you check in LEA.json:

*.json !package.json !LEA.json

and so on.... The above would prevent you from checking in any JSON files except package.json and LEA.json. Assuming you have the .gitignore file in your directory, to complete the assignment, you would need to add additional lines to .gitignore.

Please don't check in all your JSON files, and especially not the large file called AllSets.json.

Mongoose on Linux

On Linux, I need to install libkrb5-dev before I can install the Mongoose NPM package.

sudo apt-get install libkrb5-dev