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New Git Bucket

See the GitNewRepo assignment which is more complete than this.

Use BitBucket to host a private git repository. You have two choices:

In the account, create a new repository. Name your git repository like this:

For instance:

Make sure you give me read/write access to it. Use the send invitation link and use ccalvert as my id.

And most important, include a .gitignore with, at minimum, the following items in it:


This video shows how to proceed:

Step by Step Overview

Follow the instructions in "I'm starting from scratch" using the video as a guide to a few slight variations such as creating the .gitignore file with at least node_modules in it.

When you are done, on the overview page choose send invitation, type in ccalvert and give me read write privileges.

Turn it in

Please include the URL of your repository when you post this assignment in Canvas.

by Charlie Calvert.