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I'm removing calls to npm install and bower install from CreateExpressProject, CreateAllExpress, TestReady and TestFixture. Instead, we will keep one canonical version of node_modules and components in our ~/tmp directories. I will publish our all inclusive package.json file in JsObjects.

Step One

Before you install our packages, install a library needed by kerberos:

sudo apt-get install libkrb5-dev

Set up NPM for symbolic links. You probably already have a ~/tmp folder, and you probably don't have a ~/tmp/package.json, but just in case:

git pull
mkdir ~/tmp
rm ~/tmp/package.json
ln -s $ELF_TEMPLATES/package-for-npm-tmp-dir.json ~/tmp/package.json
cd ~/tmp
npm install

Make sure it really worked:

npm outdated --depth=0

It should come back clean, with no output. If you see outdated packages, let me know in class or in the discussion area. If packages are missing, just install them manually, something like this:

npm install debug
npm install kerberos

From time to time:

git pull
cd ~/tmp
npm outdated --depth=0

Step Two

Set up bower:

rm ~/tmp/bower.json
ln -s $ELF_TEMPLATES/bower-for-tmp-dir.json ~/tmp/bower.json
ln -s $ELF_TEMPLATES/bowerrc-for-tmp-dir ~/tmp/.bowerrc
bower install

Step Three

To run a new project, use the aliases in the JsObjects ~/.bash_aliases file:

cat $ELF_UTILS/SetupLinuxBox/.bash_aliases

In particular, these three:

alias run="nm && components && npm start"
alias nm="ln -s ~/tmp/node_modules/"
alias components="ln -s ~/tmp/components/ public/components"

If you just want to link in node_modules, go to the root of your project and:


Type components to link in bower files.

If you have a new project, and have no node_modules or public/components folder, then type run to start create symbolic links to those folders and start the project. I type that command many times on the average day.

Turn it in

Set up your ~/tmp dir. In that folder, type ls -la. Take a screen shot. Type ls node_modules. Take a screen shot.

Go to your /temp dir or some other folder and folder and type:

CreateAllExpress MyTempProject
cd MyTempProject

Type run or nm or something that else that will create a link to the ~/tmp/node_modules. Type ls -la so I can see the symbolic link. Take a screen shot.

Attach (upload) all three screen shots when you submit the assignment. No word files, not zip files. Just attach the bitmaps directly to the Canvas assignment.


The cliff notes version:

ln -s $ELF_TEMPLATES/package-for-npm-tmp-dir.json package-csc.json
ln -s $ELF_TEMPLATES/bower-for-tmp-dir.json ~/tmp/bower.json
ln -s $ELF_TEMPLATES/bowerrc-for-tmp-dir ~/tmp/.bowerrc