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Pandoc Assignment 01

I want you to install Pandoc on your Linux machine:

sudo apt-get install pandoc

Then create a markdown file using StackEdit or some similar tool. Call it Put the following content in it:


The pandoc application runs on both Linux and Windows. You can find a link to John Macfarlane's pandoc site here:

- [John Macfarane Pandoc]()
- [Getting Started]()
- [Try it Online]()
- [Users Guide]()
- [Examples]()

You can use this command to convert a **markdown** file to HTML5:

    pandoc -t html5 -o Pandoc.html
Here is an explanation of the code shown above:

- The -t defines the type of file you want to create, which in this case is HTML5
- The -o designates for the name of the output file you want to create, which in this case is **Pandoc.html**
- Finally, you just pass in the name of the file you want to process, which in this case is ****.

Save your file as Convert it to HTML5. Submit both your original markdown with the fixed up links, and the HTML5 that you created.