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ISIT 320 Resources for 2019

The most important resource in this class is Google search. Make sure you know the basics about searching:

Here are number of links that you can use to help stay up to date with events and topics covered in our class.

2018 Assignments


Weekly Overviews

Key Technologies



Elvenware Node:

Elvenware JavaScript:

2017 Assignments

There is a lot of information in the assignments themselves. The main goal here is point you directly at the assignments, so you can find the information readily.

Code Academy Overview

These assignments are generally doled out one a week over a series of contiguous weeks. Feel free to work ahead.

See also the Elvenware Code Academy Home Page.

Code Academy JavaScript and HTML Assignments

See the Code Academy Overview.

React Code Academy Part I

See the Code Academy Overview.

React Code Academy Part II

See the Code Academy Overview.


From Google:

Interesting Books

Here is a beginning list of books available on the 24X7 site and elsewhere that you might find useful. If the book is not on 24X7, then I would not put it here unless I thought it was a great book. The books on the 24X7 site are all free, and so I include most of the ones connected to our course, regardless of quality. If I see one from 24X7 that I think is particularly good. I will put an asterisk after it.

Please check back from time to time, as I intend to keep adding to this list.


Web and Networks

Books not on 24X7

Some Links