Isit322 Week01

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Information useful during Week 1, 2018 for ISIT322.


Here are some key links.




WebStorm Install

Set up React

Here is a simple way to create a React Application.

We want create-react-app to open Chrome or Chromium, not FireFox. (Unless you really prefer FireFox. But I tend to use Chrome or Chromium.)

Click the Gear icon (Menu) at the top right of Lubuntu. Choose System Settings. Open up Details. Select Default Applications. Pick Chrome or Chromium, as you prefer. More details are here

npm install -g create-react-app
mkdir ~/Source
cd ~/Source
create-react-app test
cd test
npm start

React Basics


I have videos on various topics, including git, unit tests and mobile devices. The easiest way to track these videos is to see my playlists on YouTube. An index to that playlist is here:

JavaScript and Tests