Install WSL

Ideally,you want one copy of Windows 11 Pro to be the host. Have at least one copy of Windows 10 or 11 Home or Pro in which to set up your work environment. You don’t need pro to set up your environment. Pro is only necessaryto allow you to have full control over Hyper-V virtual machines.


  • On Windows 10 Select **Task View New Desktop** from Task Bar
    • Task View is the little icon next to the search area.
  • Turn on Microphone
    • Close connection to VM by clicking the X at the top of the VM window
    • Start it again by selecting Connect from the Hyper-v Manager
    • At the prompt to set up enhanced mode I chose the Localization tab to get the Options that I wanted.
  • Log into Stack Overflow
  • ccalvert

Install Windows Terminal

Install Git

Install VS Code

Install PowerShell 7

    "commandline": "C:\\Program Files\\PowerShell\\7\\pwsh.exe",
    "guid": "{some-guid-1111-2222-3333-444455556}",
    "hidden": false,
    "name": "PowerShell v7"

Power & Screen Control

See the control panel power options.

Choose Control X and then power options.

Set screen timeout to 60 minutes. One is for plugged in and the other is for use with the battery.

powercfg -change -monitor-timeout-ac 60
powercfg -change -monitor-timeout-dc 60


PS C:\Users\charl> history

  Id CommandLine
  -- -----------
   1 winget search Microsoft.PowerShell
   2 winget install --id Microsoft.Powershell --source winget
   3 $PsHome
   4 Get-Process powershell