While visiting the seattle arboretum, we went for a walk in the Japanese Garden.

Science of recovery

I’m reading a book called Good to Go by Christie Aschwanden. She points out that sports drinks have something called the electrolytes in them. This means that they contain salt.

When you sweat, you lose salt. If you lose too much salt, you can get hyponatremia. It can be fatal.

Since most food contains salt, almost anything you eat or drink is likely to give you electrolytes. Sports drinks are nice because they might taste good, but they are no better than having some fruit or anything else that contains a bit of salt.

Japanese Garden

A lantern.

Japanese Lantern

A waterfall.

Japanese Waterfall

Japanese Waterfall image Embedded from OneDrive

OneDrive version of Japanese Waterfall

In the arboretum Azelea Way

Azelea Way